Hertz Registration Rights Agreement: What You Need to Know

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. is a car rental company that has been around for more than 100 years. As a public company, there are many legal requirements and obligations that Hertz must comply with. One of these requirements is the creation of a registration rights agreement.

What is a Registration Rights Agreement?

A registration rights agreement is a contract between a company and its investors that outlines the terms of registration of securities. The agreement gives the investors the right to require the company to register their shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Why Does Hertz Need a Registration Rights Agreement?

For a public company like Hertz, it is important to have a registration rights agreement in place as it helps to build investor confidence. The agreement ensures that the company is transparent and compliant with SEC regulations. It also gives investors the right to sell their shares in the market, which can increase liquidity and demand for the company`s shares.

Hertz Registration Rights Agreement

Hertz entered into a registration rights agreement in 2016 with its largest shareholder, Carl Icahn. The agreement gave Icahn the right to require Hertz to register his shares for sale in the public market. The agreement also gave Icahn the right to waive this requirement.

In 2017, Hertz entered into a registration rights agreement with its second-largest shareholder, MHR Fund Management. The agreement gave MHR the same rights as Icahn, including the right to require Hertz to register its shares for sale in the public market.

The agreements between Hertz and its shareholders illustrate the importance of registration rights agreements for public companies. They are crucial for ensuring compliance with SEC regulations and for building investor confidence.


Hertz`s registration rights agreements provide a framework for the registration of securities and demonstrate the company`s commitment to compliance and transparency. As a professional, it is important to understand the legal obligations and requirements of public companies like Hertz. By staying up-to-date on these agreements, we can provide accurate and informative content for those interested in Hertz and the car rental industry.